Mission & Goal
Established by the National Science Foundation, MIRTHE is a world-class team of engineers, chemists, physicists, environmental and bio-engineers, and medical doctors in academia and industry. Our goal is to work in close collaboration with industry and government laboratories to develop and commercialize Mid-Infrared optical trace gas sensing systems with the ability to detect minute amounts of chemicals found in the environment or atmosphere, emitted from spills, combustion, or natural sources, or exhaled in human breath.

Initiation of first-ever Mid IR Roadmapping Process
July 11, 2021 MIRTHE Industry Kick-off Meeting
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industrial membership program to serve a broad range of technology and industry sectors:

  • Facilitate effortless informational and idea exchange in the setting of research goals and in technology road-mapping between industry and the academic community;
  • Forge close, interpersonal and collaborative connections between industry in all sectors impacted by MIRTHE and the Center’s faculty, staff, and students;
  • Provide a coordinated program and formal framework in which to create valuable intellectual property, facilitate effective technology transfer, and promote partnerships amongst industrial partners; and
  • Create early ties between industry and the graduating student body as a practical means for technology transfer, mentoring by practitioners and job-placement.
This approach provides a wide array of benefits (including special licensing provisions for members) by aligning and leveraging MIRTHE research and education efforts with the needs, capabilities and perspectives of our industry members for rapid adoption and commercialization of breakthroughs in trace-gas detection technologies and systems.