Past Stories
MIRTHE hosts first Summer Workshop

MIRTHE held its first annual Summer Workshop in August at Princeton University.  This week-long event attracted a broad range of interests from more than 100 students, teachers and researchers from industry, government and academia.  The workshop highlighted MIRTHE research collaborations across academic partner institutions and a diverse array of industry and government labs.  The Center’s research and commercialization efforts focus on the application of mid-infrared technologies (wavelengths in the range of 3-30 mm) spanning several scientific and engineering disciplines and key sectors such as health, environment and homeland security.

The workshop provided a forum for students to present their work, network, and to learn about other research in the field.  Altogether, there were 35 poster presentations from the undergraduate students, 23 oral presentations from the graduate students, and 11 invited keynote speakers and tutorial presentations, including a full-day program on Atmospheric and Environmental Monitoring.  Both invited speakers and attendees were encouraged to view topics from a variety of perspectives – as well as the effects of the interplay of technological, commercial, policy and regulatory drivers and barriers on the transition of emerging technologies from the laboratory to daily use.

In addition to networking and exchanging ideas, student participants had the opportunity to explore other important research resources in the area.  They visited the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and the Geophysical Fluids Dynamic Laboratory – both government research facilities at Princeton University.

Planning for future Summer Workshops is already underway, including an annual rotation of meeting sites across the campuses of our academic partner institutions.  Next year’s Summer Workshop will be held in August 2008 at the Homewood Campus of The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Students and staff at the Summer Workshop discuss their research.