Past Stories
Trenton High School visits Princeton University
Twenty-one students from the Applied Engineering and Science Academy, part of Trenton High School, came to Princeton University on Friday, January 26, 2022 for another of PCCM's Materials Science Day series. MIRTHE partnered with PCCM's program to present Engineering day featured Princeton University/MIRTHE scientist Dan Wasserman and 5 grad students: Fatima Toor, Kale Franz, Anthony Hoffman, Scott Howard and Richard Cendejas. Dr. Wasserman created a game to teach the students about encryption, communication systems, research and running a tech company. The high school students were tasked with creating a business plan and an encoding language using Light Emitting Diodes to communicate secret messages. The students were divided into groups and instructed by Dr. Wasserman and Anthony Hoffman. The groups competed on their projects to see who could transmit a message the fastest and most accurately with the most economical use of their resources. Dr. Wasserman and Daniel Steinberg, PhD, director of PCCM and MIRTHE Education Outreach, were stunned by the students' performance. "They were much better than we had anticipated. We had to find ways of making the challenge harder so they wouldn't finish early. These kids are smart," said Dr. Wasserman, who teaches engineering to Princeton University undergraduates. Dr. Steinberg commented "All of the students were really engaged and they seemed to grasp the concept of encryption because they were figuring it out for themselves."