Past Stories
MIRTHE at the 2008 Science Olympiad

On January 8, 2008, students from 16 middle schools and 17 high schools competed in the regional Science Olympiad tournament hosted by Princeton University. Four MIRTHE members, Post Doctoral Associate Anna Michel, and graduate students Yan Zhang, Yu Yao, June Yeung were onhand to help make the tournament a success. Graduate student June Yeung volunteered at the 'Simple Machines' workshop. The students competing visited three experiment stations where they performed measurements and computations related to the different ways that mechanical advantage could be improved via the use of an inclined plane, a pulley system, and a jackscrew. Graduate student Yu Yao and Postdoctoral Associate Anna Michel volunteered at the ‘Electric Vehicle’ competition in which teams of two high school students competed together. Each team was challenged to design a vehicle powered by batteries that would drive along a straight track and stop exactly at the distance specified at the start of the competition. Although some vehicles barely moved and others raced far from the finish line, all of the competitors were very enthusiastic about the vehicles they had built. Graduate student, Yan Zhang who volunteered at the “Tower Building” competition, which challenged students to erect a lightweight tower that could bear a comparatively heavy load without collapsing, was surprised by the wide variety of vehicles. They ranged greatly not only in design but in weight, from 4 grams to 280 grams. For more information:


Science Olympiad Participants