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Do you need to consult a reference for your laser set-up? Want help with Beer's Law, atmospheric chemistry, or quantum mechanics? Or help writing a paper or giving a presentation? Go to the MIRTHE Reference Collection!

Drawing from MIRTHE members' suggestions, we have assembled a collection of reference books housed in Princeton's Engineering Library (on Olden Street) and now available to MIRTHE students and faculty. The collection is comprehensive and eclectic, ranging from basic texts on lasers, chemistry, sensors and quantum physics to writing and presentation guides. The library has 2 copies of each book -- one copy circulates with the regular collection and can be checked out, the other copy is shelved with the Reference Collection and can be used only in the library. Researchers at MIRTHE locations outside Princeton, please use the inter-library loan system. All MIRTHE references are labeled with a small round MIRTHE logo and a bright green dot on the spine.

This is only the start of the collection; please send us suggestions for more books to add at [email protected]