2009 All Hands Summer Workshop: Aug. 2- 7

This year's Annual MIRTHE All-Hands Summer Workshop will be held in New York City from August 2nd to August 7th 2009.

The MIRTHE Summer Workshop is designed to give graduate and undergraduate (including MIRTHE REU) students, High Schools Interns, RETs/RETTS, post-docs and other invited researchers a chance to present their research work. Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers will present their research as oral presentations and the undergraduates, REUs, RETs/RETTs teachers and high school students will present their research in poster presentations. Throughout the week students will also have a chance to attend several career workshops, e.g. on “How to start up your own company”, “Intellectual Property for Academia”, and “Taking a Gap Year”. There will be also a Student Leadership Council meeting, Post-Doctoral Round-Table discussion, and Faculty Retreat and Workshop on Sensor Networks and Remote Sensing on Wednesday afternoon. The MIRTHE Summer Workshop will conclude with Industry Day, scheduled for Friday, Aug. 7th with an Industrial Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board closed session, report on Mid-Infrared Roadmapping, that MIRTHE has been undertaking this summer, and presentations given by invited speakers, e.g. from the Global Monitoring Division, Earth System Research, NOAA and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. “Industry Day” will also be an opportunity for the MIRTHE community to network with MIRTHE’s industrial partners, non-profit, national labs and other government entities, as well as the investment community. This event is open only for MIRTHE members and invited guests. Click here to view the agenda.