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2013 REU Program Dates:
REU Program at all campuses: June 10, 2021 - August 9, 2021
MIRTHE Summer Workshop in Princeton, NJ: August 4-9, 2013

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The NSF Engineering Research Center for Mid-InfraRed technologies for Health and the Environment (MIRTHE), headquartered at Princeton University (PU) and with its partners: City College NY (CCNY); Johns Hopkins University (JHU); Rice University (Rice); Texas A&M (TAMU) and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) announces opportunities for Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in its laboratories.

MIRTHE is focused on developing knowledge, technologies and engineering systems based on mid-IR (3 – 30 μm) spectroscopy that provide unprecedented optical and chemical sensing capabilities for trace gases.  MIRTHE advances mid-IR tunable Quantum Cascade lasers, detectors, and ultra-sensitive sensor systems and demonstrates specific applications through testbeds in environmental sensing, homeland security, and medical diagnostics.

The MIRTHE REU program is focused on providing students with an opportunity to carry out research at the forefront of mid-IR spectroscopy and engineering.  Click here to view last year's REU research projects. To view a list of MIRTHE faculty with links to their personal pages, please visit the MIRTHE Faculty Contact page.

In addition, we provide a proactive educational program consisting of short courses and lectures, designed to introduce students to the challenges of hard and software and systems engineering of sensors in health, homeland security and the environment.  Special seminars also examine the role of science and engineering in society.  Visits to both academic labs and industrial labs in the area are arranged.

The students at the various REU sites interact via weekly web-based teleconference calls and meet together with the entire MIRTHE community in Week 9 for the annual MIRTHE workshop. 

Cogan discusses poster with Yeung
REU Josh Cogan discusses his poster with Ph.D. candidate June Yeung.

REU Sean Edington and Dr. Baeck doing field work.

We encourage applications from students of all science and engineering disciplines. Those interested in applying to the program may do so on-line by March 1st (REU On-Line Application).

Note: If you experience problems submitting the form, please use  the latest version of Internet Explorer with javascript enabled to submit this form.

Please note, after submitting your application on-line, an email will be automatically generated and sent to the faculty member you provide asking for a letter of recommendation to be sent via email.

In addition, you will receive an email at the email address you provide us, confirming that we have received your application and that it is being reviewed.

All applicants should arrange to have a copy of your college transcript mailed. When describing your research interests in your application, it is important to be explicit about the research areas that interest you, and we will then make an effort to find the best match between potential research projects and your research interests.

The deadline for applications is March 1st. Those selected for the program will be notified by email, by April 30th, with information about a potential research topic and research mentor.

Transcripts are to be mailed to:

Princeton University
Roxanne Zellin - Director of Education Outreach
70 Prospect Avenue, 217- Bowen Hall
Princeton, NJ 08540-5211

Inquiries may be addressed to:

Roxanne Zellin
Director of Education Outreach
[email protected]

  Claire Gmachl
Faculty Advisor
[email protected]